The Bfood brand is born from Palmeiro Foods’ experience and know-how in the food sector, in the dehydrated and lyophilized products, and from the needs of a very specific target, related to clinical nutrition, more specifically to Natural Adapted Food (NAF).

We combined our knowledge with that of specialists in nutrition, through partnerships, to draw a wide variety of products that are nutritionally rich and balanced, adapted to special dietary needs such as: mastication and ingestion problems, or dysphagia, hydration needs, neurological disorders, and others.

Aimed at adult and senior individuals, the variety of Bfood products offers practical and diversified solutions, assuring that nutritional needs are met, allowing personalised diets, maintaining the flavours of traditional food.

Bfood products are easy to prepare and have a wide variety of options adapted to the different meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), assuring a natural, healthy and balanced nutrition.


Bfood brand products are subject to a strict quality control from the selection of the raw materials to the final product. The quality system applied is certified according to the ISO 22000-2005 and ISO 9001-2008 Regulations.

The R&D department integrates a multidisciplinary team with a breath of knowledge in areas such as nutrition, process and market. To this know-how we added partnerships with institutions within research and development (Universities and Technological Institutes) that guarantee the suitability of the products to the target audience investing in the permanent improvement of processes and formulation.